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Post  Boz1964 on Wed Dec 12, 2018 2:38 pm

Game of Poole

"Where is your brother Allan ?"

I asked former Stadium Announcer Allan 'Salty' Jones, as I stood there like an episode of 1970's children's show Crackerjack 'Double or Drop'.

"What do you want him for ?... and why are you holding that compendium of board games?"
asked the former Mayor in reply.

" They are toys for per the request in the programme!" I countered.

As he walked off offering a suggestion that either I get my eyes tested or that I was now eligible to apply for a Southern Premier League refereeing position.

Whatever the reason, 'Board Games' are another recurring feature that always seems to happen at Penydarren Park in the run up to the Festive Period.

At this time of year, the finances are stretched tighter than a Corey Jenkins hamstring and as the cold kicks in, the utility bills start to multiply , as postponements hit home hard too.

Off - field gripes coupled with on- field injuries and suspensions, start to affect the playing staff and with it the inevitable slump in results with the Southern Premier fixture list suddenly has more 'snakes' on it than 'ladders'.

Which brings me neatly onto the subject of Poole Town.

Whilst the game itself wasn't much of a sporting spectacle for the Home Supporters - it was nice to see a game between the two sides that doesn't end up in broken bones, red cards or High Court Writs.

Up there with Chippenham Town on our Christmas Card list is the Dor-Set of Poole- famous for having tax-amnesiac Harry Redknapp amongst its residents, who now prefers eating bugs in the jungle than catching crabs in the Sandbanks or taking his dog Rosie away to Monaco.

But even he would have been proud of the defensive away performance that Poole Town put on last night.

At the back, they were tighter than HM Revenue & Customs Officials and with a name like Poole Town they should have been reported to Trading Standards - as they were completely watertight defensively.

Whilst not an exceptionally tall side at the back, their Captain Jamie Whisken won everything in the air and with the floodlights of the arena bouncing of his forehead, he looked like a lighthouse compared to the diminutive Merthyr front line missing the stature and heading ability of Ryan Prosser.

The Merthyr strike partnership of Tom Meechan and Owain Jones looked in as much harmony as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle at the Windsor Christmas Party.

With Merthyr missing both Captain Marble Ashley Evans and Vice Captain Adam Davies , the side was devoid not only of a dynamo but a voice too.

The players were unusually silent - a fact commented on by French Ground Hopper,
Marcel Marceau, who had come to the Merthyr/ Poole game to avoid the riots.

The crowd was also very subdued- both of them- as if 'harbouring' thoughts that this
Poole Team would make short sharp shrift of a makeshift defence with less confidence than a Conservative Cabinet.

The game itself started well enough from a Merthyr perspective with Connor Young hitting some lovely passes onto the right flank for the on-rushing Ian Traylor.

But the air trainers of 'Jordan' Alawode-Williams were quick to respond to the threat.

Up front for Poole was the bulky James Constable- who had recently been signed from Chippenham Town ( Did I hear a mimed boo from Marcel?) and who used his stature to bully our defensive centre half pairing of McDonnell and Patten at every opportunity.

In a first half of very few chances, Poole seemed to have the 'monopoly' of possession, with our only shots on goal coming from Home Keeper Joe Perry, who seemed to be belting the ball forward like Big Bertha ( From Merthyr) -the First World War German gun -every thirty or so seconds, only for it to land in no-mans land like a Paul McCartney video or run out of play behind the goal.

Kerplunk Kerplunk Kerplunk.

Perhaps one of his new found team mates should have told Perry that Prosser wasn't playing that night before the match.

Merthyr continued with their no-'Risk' strategy unabated but their game of conquest turned into a 'Question of Sport' , as every enquiry asked of the Poole Town defence was answered and met with a stern rebuff.

As the first half ended scoreless, Poole knew that if they could sneak one, then with their miserly defence on Ebenezer Scrooge mode- there would be no chance of the Welsh
'Tiny Tims' getting back on song - as they didn't have an Andy Carroll or even a Christmas Carol handy.

It came on 64 minutes and there was a fair slice of luck involved in the build-up.

An innocuous ball into the right field , saw a bout of pinball with the Poole 8 Ball rebounding off the cushion into the path of the Dolphin winger, Luke Roberts, who juggled the ball in his blowhole, before putting the ball across the box for Constable to 'beat' the keeper from close range.

And with the Merthyr resistance broken it only took another 13 minutes for Poole Town to kill off any lingering Merthyr hope, when after a 'scrabble' in midfield, the ball found its way out to the same flank and a 'ludo'cross narrowly beat the curls on MCDonnell's head and found its way to Lucky 7 - Sam Griffin - who unlike most of those on his family crest, didn't remain statuesque, but rifled the ball passed Perry for the killer blow.

Lucky 7, because he could have been sent off earlier for nearly decapitating Ian Traylor on the near side touch line with his Gillette Elbows in an unprovoked encounter.

With the game beyond the Home Side, there was one moment of merriment to cheer, after a different kind of 'humerus ' incident.

Orange clad Poole keeper, Luke Cairney suddenly found the ball at his feet and decided to go on a frolic of his own, dribbling the ball out of his penalty like former Peruvian Keeper
Ramon Quiroga.

At the pace he was moving he couldn't slow down - he shot out of his goal at such rapid speed that he looked like an orange distress flare from the Poole Harbour National Lifeboat Institution.

He nearly got Tangoed too, as hardworking midfielder Lee Lucas tried his luck from distance narrowly missing the target by 45 feet as the ball sailed over the stranded keeper.

If only the concussion-suffering Lucas hadn't seen THREE sets of goals at the David Miles Stand End , then things might have been different.

I wonder what hallucinogenic properties were in that orange drink that Physio Jane Price brought on to help his recovery after his earlier collision ?

Lucas Aid?.

Anyway, no sour grapes for the result, it was a deserved win, albeit against a Young and inexperienced Merthyr Town side, missing many important first team players, but the Poole Team deserve their 'big break' and three points.

Hopefully, our fortunes will improve once our own disciplinary 'card games' stop and bring an end to our Mid-Season Mediocrity.

After all whilst the game football is in reality a 'trivial pursuit', this time of year is a timely reminder of the tragic events of the Grenfell Tower Fire, with the after effects still being felt in that Community.

It is a wonderful thing that the Football supporters can unite under the banner of the
White Flag Martyrs and help distract those poor children even if it is for one day, for those who have lost everything.

Such efforts are deserving of our applause from the terraces.

Entertainment is one thing but the 'Game of Life' is far more important than any sporting occasion.



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