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The Divine Right Back of Kings Empty The Divine Right Back of Kings

Post  Boz1964 on Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:16 pm

The Divine Right Back of Kings

Callum Adebiyi- just like Paul Daniels and Tommy Cooper- now that's a name to conjure with.

The Kings Langley number 3 was treated today like Royalty- as he was given the freedom of the 3G pitch by a Martyrs team ravaged by injury and suspension.

The lofty and magical defender will not forget his Saturday outing to Merthyr Tydfil in a hurry, as he put on a display of dazzling football running that would have put a former Arsenal and England Full Back to shame, as he proved there is still quality Cole in the South Wales Valleys.

In the absence of a recognised right back, Merthyr had drafted in midfielder Keiran Lewis to cover unfamiliar territory and unfortunately it showed.

On a grey afternoon with a strong Westerly wind hampering play, it was no surprise that in a dismal first half that it was the outstanding Adebiyi that scored the opener.

It came on 26 minutes from a dead ball situation on the left wing and a superb delivery and 'direction' by Hitchcock that had everyone in our stand in 'suspense'.

It only needed a deft flick from 'Ade' and it flew 'biyi' returning keeper Joe Perry and into the corner of the Home net to send the Hertfordshire side into 'raptures'.

That was the entire highlight of the first period that only Sam Allardyce could appreciate, as Merthyr Town attempted to copy Wimbledon FC of the late 1980's and lump the ball forward at every opportunity.

The ball spent more time in the air than Douglas Bader.

As a spectacle it was a non-event, as with a goal to the good, Kings Langley decided to board up their goal frame and emulate near neighbours Boreham Wood.

They sat with 11 men behind the ball and let the Afro of Centre Half, Jorrell Johnson 'mop up' any aerial threat that Merthyr possessed - happy in the knowledge that Merthyr looked disjointed, frustrated and not firing on any cylinders.

The village best known for supplying the World with Ovaltine had also sent the Merthyr Town crowd to sleep too.

After the euphoria of Tiverton Tuesday and the Ten Man Total Football - today's match could only be described as Snorefest Saturday with the adverse weather conditions, suspensions and injuries disrupting the Merthyr squad and with the Away side's lack of attacking ambition, it quickly turned into the most forgettable first half at Penydarren Park for many a season.

So bad - I was praying that the Hand of God would switch off the floodlights and improve the match.

Fortunately, there were so few fans in attendance today to witness the ennui, that it can't possibly have a negative effect on crowd figures.

Even so there were a number of ex-players in the clubhouse before, during and after the game such as Merthyr legends, Chris Holvey , Ryan Green and Steve 'Willo' Williams - who must have all thought if this is the current standard of play- each had a chance of a first team recall.

With the Kings Langley keeper doing his best to waste more time than a University Student doing a degree in Media Studies, the hand on the stadium clock seemed to be on permanent stop, as I checked the paint drying on the toilet wall above the men's urinal.

Only an Act of God or a miracle could save the day for the Merthyr Management.

If only they had the Club's top scorer, the Club's most pacy player and a midfielder with Premier League experience on the bench to turn the game.

A treble substitution followed as Tom Meechan, Corey Jenkins and Gavin Williams entered the fray.

And on 83 minutes it worked- as the combination of the ever-classy Traylor and goal poacher supreme Prosser turned the Lango defence into Lego and his deft header had a toxic effect on keeper Tokarczyk.

With the game now level - someone upstairs in England's footballing Heaven, wasn't happy with the equaliser - as it sent down rainfall in biblical proportions.

What had caused it?

Climate Change or was it just Brian Clough returning his empties?

Surely if it was Graham Taylor- it would not have been frogs and locusts but turnips instead?

But down it came so bad that the Green Party including Ryan had to run for cover.

So bad that Jorrell Johnson's Afro shrank to Perri Kiely level.

So bad that Joe Perry had to stay in his penalty area (and make two brilliant saves).

To the total credit of the Away team and officials, the visitors played out the last ten minutes in atrocious weather conditions more suited to the Tampa Bay Rowdies in Hurricane Season than a team from a posh village in Hertfordshire.

Of course, to the Merthyr players it just felt like Summer had started early this year.

But what I hear you say about the Divine Right Back of Kings?

Like Kerry Morgan wading knee deep through the stadium puddles....

Callum Adebiyi just took it in his stride.

It was of course hard luck for the much improved Kings, who last year had been forced to abdicate after a 4-1 Charles the First style thrashing- and must have thought with seven minutes left their 'divine right' to three points had been restored.

But these days, Clough knows that I am just grateful to still have a local football club to support come sun, biblical rain or shine.

Win, lose or draw.



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